Study: Luton named best airport in London

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London Luton Airport has been named the ‘best’ airport in London in a recent study, outpacing fierce competition from Gatwick, Heathrow and Stansted.

The study, conducted by The Original Tour, analysed data from all six London airports as well as data from the UK’s Civil Aviation Authority to determine the result.

The analysis was based on: flight delays and delay times, queuing times, travel fares and the time it took to connect.

The study concluded that Luton was reachable from the city of London in 46 minutes – not as close as Heathrow but not nearly as far as London Southend.

Luton Airport won the accolade due to the shortest average delay time, according to the study.

In the same study, London City Airport was named as the ‘worst’ airport in the city’s capital to depart from. The study cited expensive fares and long security times and possible delays as the cause.