Stuttgart Airport unveils world’s first electric 40 m3 refuelling vehicle

World's first electric 40 m3 refuelling vehicle for airports All-electric ground handling possible for the first time (image credit: Stuttgart Airport)

The world’s first fully electric refuelling vehicle in the 40 m³ category has been put into operation at Stuttgart Airport by Skytanking, one of the leading refueling service providers in the aviation industry.

This is the first time that ground operations can be carried out exclusively with electric vehicles. Stuttgart Airport is thus once again proving to be a pioneer in the field of electric GSE.

Winfried Hermann, Minister of Transport of Baden-Württemberg: “I am very pleased that Stuttgart Airport has created the conditions to handle all aircraft handling steps emission-free and climate-friendly with electric vehicles. Stuttgart Airport is setting a good example for electric mobility.”

Christoph Lindke, Managing Director Skytanking: “At Skytanking, we are consistently implementing our strategy to electrify our fleet of up to 500 aircraft refueling vehicles.

“At STR, we are proud to have been a relevant player in the development of the first all-electric airfield tanker with an impressive capacity of 40,000 liters.

“In addition to environmental protection, another important benefit of electrification is the protection of our employees from exhaust fumes and noise.”

Julia Esterer, Managing Director of Dr.-Ing. Ulrich Esterer GmbH & Co. KG: “Today is the starting point for our joint development.

“Esterer has focused on the efficient use of the given high-voltage technology. Another important component is the creation of a safety concept for airport use.

“I am sure that the data analysis will show that our concept not only paves the way to carbon neutrality but will also be economically viable for this application.”

Franziska Cusumano, Head of Mercedes-Benz Special Trucks and Custom Tailored Trucks: “We are very pleased that our eEconic is in demand for more and more applications and is now being used locally carbon neutral with a tank body for the first time.

“As an all-electric truck, the eEconic eRefueller will help to reduce emissions during ground handling at Stuttgart Airport.”

Ulrich Heppe, CEO of Stuttgart Airport: “With the finalize! project, we have reached another important milestone on the way to emission-free traffic on the ramp. We will not rest on our laurels – instead we will continue to bring down the emissions of our operations.”