Sydney Airport look to improving paxex through ‘quiet terminal’

Sydney Airport is aiming to improve passenger experience with the launch of a new ‘quiet terminal’ initiative, which looks at ensuring a quiet and relaxing space for departing travelers.

The airport stated: “We’ve significantly reduced the number of announcements at T1 International to minimise disruptions and ensure a relaxing environment for our passengers.

Other leading airports around the world that have also embraced similar initiatives include Changi, Dubai, Hong Kong and Helsinki.

Following close collaboration with our airline partners and other stakeholders, we recently implemented our quiet terminal initiative, confining announcements to gate areas at T1.

Announcements related to emergency procedures will remain unchanged and will continue to be made if required. The initiative is part of a broader focus on continually improving the airport experience for our customers.

It involved widespread stakeholder consultation to ensure the correct balance was struck between a more comfortable passenger experience and the effective delivery of information.”