Taylor-Dunn Launches All-New Lithium-Ion Powered Ground Support Vehicles

Today, Taylor-Dunn, part of Polaris Inc., in partnership with A&V Rebuilding, Inc. and LevCon Inc., is introducing advanced lithium technology that can address those needs in an all-new way.

The first-ever lithium-ion (Li-ion) Tiger tow tractor is launching today, and will also be on display this week at the GSE Expo in Las Vegas.

The innovative technology is engineered into the proven Tiger tow tractor, providing the same uncompromised 60,000 lbs of towing capacity, while offering zero vehicle emissions for increased sustainability, decreased maintenance for greater labor efficiencies, greater cost savings and increased safety benefits.

“The partnership with A&V and LevCon injects decades of learning, refinement and electrical expertise into the all-new Li-ion Tiger tow tractor,” said Keith Simon, vice president and general manager, Polaris Commercial.

“Ground service equipment experts A&V Rebuilding have set the standard in remanufacturing high-quality baggage and cargo tractors, while LevCon brings advanced lithium power using industry proven components and technology.

“Combined with the more than 70 years of industrial equipment manufacturing of Taylor-Dunn, ground support operations get a cutting-edge solution with game-changing benefits to increase productivity and total value.”

“We could not be more excited to unite the trusted Tiger tow tractor and the proven manufacturing capabilities of Taylor-Dunn with this new Li-ion technology for ground support,” said Gerry Hoadley, president, A&V Rebuilding, Inc.

“With increased sustainability goals across airports and airlines, this new vehicle helps customers meet and exceed their goals, without ever sacrificing productivity.

“While we’ve been remanufacturing similar systems for years, the partnership with Taylor-Dunn allows new, electrified vehicles to be brought down the production line at scale to meet the rapidly growing customer demands.”

Tiger TC 30/60 Li-Ion tow tractors simplify maintenance by having significantly fewer parts needing service, repair or replacement, and costly fuel expenses are completely eliminated.

In typical ground support applications, investing in a Li-ion Tiger tow tractor could pay for itself in as little as 12 months.

Fewer parts also contribute to a longer-lasting drive system – up to three times that of a gas or LPG-equivalent tow tractor.

And the electricity required to recharge the Li-ion batteries is as much as six times more cost-effective than gas or LPG fuels.

All new features of the Tiger TC 30/60 Li-Ion tow tractor include programmable regenerative braking which extends vehicle range and reduces brake pad wear.

The on-board diagnostics quickly and easily diagnose issues – increasing uptime and eliminating unnecessary downtime. Additionally, a smart industrial charger enables a full recharge in only two hours, further reducing downtime and keeping operations moving efficiently.