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Top Aviation Leaders Discuss Connectivity and Cooperation at Cluj-Napoca

Cluj ”Avram Iancu” International Airport along with Air Transport News (ATN) organizes today, at the airport, an international aviation conference.

The 2022 Regional Air Transport Conference will focus on highlighting how airlines, airports or ground handlers can overcome typical air traffic recovery conflicts to jointly pursue sustainable cooperation practices that would bring great benefits, not only to the air transport market, but also for their local regions and societies.

European airline industry leaders and other personalities will discuss best practices in cooperation and connectivity.

The conference brings together top representatives of some airline and aviation associations, represented by Mr. Thomas Reynaert, Managing Director, Airlines for Europe (A4E) and Professor Andreas Papatheodorou, President, Hellenic Aviation Society.

Some reference airports in the region will also be part of this conference, such as iGA Istanbul Airport represented by Mr. Kadri Samsunlu (CEO) and Athens International Airport, represented by Mr. Ricardo Lambiris (Chairman of the Board of Directors).

Last but not least, the conference will be attended by airlines represented by George Lioumbis, General Manager of Sky Express, but also ground handling agencies, such as Menzies Aviation represented by Mr. Cristian Paris (Vice President of the Balkan region), with the aim of rebuilding an increased level of regional connectivity in the post-COVID-19 era.

During the conference, there was a Regional Air Transport Conference award ceremony for 2022, and the awards went to the following personalities:

  1. Thomas Reynaert – the ”2022 Regional Air Transport Awards – Organisation Award – A4E”
  2. Kadri Samsunlu – the ”2022 Regional Air Transport Awards – Corporate Award – iGA Istanbul Airport”
  3. David Ciceo – “2022 Regional Air Transport Awards – Individual Award

Mr. Thomas Reynaert, Managing Director, Airlines for Europe (A4E) highlighted the fact that: “Air travel enables social and economic mobility in Europe – connecting people, regions and cities across the EU.

“In these challenging times, we need governments and regulators to set an appropriate framework that will continue to support a healthy and competitive environment for airlines, which in turn will ensure the much-needed regional connectivity in the most sustainable manner.

“It is with great honour that A4E receives the 2022 Regional Air Transport – Organisation Award.”

During the conference Dr. Kostas Iatrou, CEO, ATN – Air Transport News stated: Cooperation among all Air Transport stakeholders at a regional level is very important.

“We are delighted to award eminent personalities, organisations, and companies of the air transport sector with prizes in recognition of their contribution in our industry.

“Cluj is a city very rich in heritage and the organization of the Regional Air Transport Conference here sets the awards ceremony at another level.”

Moderator of the conference sessions, Professor Andreas Papatheodorou, President, Hellenic Aviation Society, confessed the following: “Air transport and tourism are structurally interrelated as enhanced accessibility and air connectivity are of paramount importance for tourism development.

“Cluj has traditionally been at the crossroads of different civilizations, and this makes the city an ideal venue for the 2022 Regional Air Transport Conference.

“I am delighted to act as the moderator of the two panels which will provide insights of great added value!”

Mr. David Ciceo, CEO, Cluj ”Avram Iancu” International Airport, conveyed the following: We are glad that Cluj International Airport was once again chosen as a meeting place for the European aviation industry elite, demonstrating once again that Cluj International Airport is the regional airport with the most dynamic and spectacular development.

“It is an honour, a great responsibility but also a challenge for Cluj International Airport to organize this event, and the privilege of hosting and receiving an award in the 2022 Regional Air Transport Conference comes as a result of the status acquired by Cluj International Airport in the last two decades, respectively – a model of good practice and a reference airport in South-Eastern Europe.”