Turkey’s iGA Istanbul Airport chooses ADB SAFEGATE for safer, all-weather apron operations

iGA Istanbul Airport has added ADB SAFEGATE’s Safedock T1 advanced visual docking guidance systems (A-VDGS) and SafeControl Apron Management (SAM) system to support automated docking of aircraft in all weather conditions and improve parking accuracy.

With the integrated solution the airport can share accurate real-time flight and turn information to achieve safer, smoother and more efficient turnaround and apron operations.

ADB SAFEGATE has supplied 151 Safedock T1 A-VDGS as part of a turnkey contract which included design, supply, installation and a two-year agreement for 24/7 maintenance supported by a local team.

Safedock T1 A-VDGS is equipped with a digital laser and patented 3D scanning technology which provides unmatched accuracy and availability needed to automate the aircraft docking process.

The technology accommodates all aircraft types, tight parking spaces and even the most complex gate layouts while providing the quickest and safest way to park aircraft.

SafeControl Apron Management (SAM) is the integrator that connects the Safedock A-VDGS with other airport systems to enable sharing of critical flight and turn information with flight and ground crews via Safedock’s built-in Ramp Information Display System (RIDS) capability.

Sharing accurate block times and other real-time data increases the efficiency of the turnaround process and is a key step towards A-CDM.

Gap filler integration with the Advanced Surface Movement Guidance Control System (A-SMGCS) provides constant monitoring of aircraft movement in the gate area, and will support just-in-time activation of the docking systems and a Follow-the-Greens (FtG) guidance solution.

The intelligent FtG solution uses the green runway/taxiway centerline lights and apron lead-in lights to guide aircraft into the gate area where the A-VDGS takes over and guides the pilot to the correct stop position.

Accurate parking and integration with the passenger boarding bridge (PBB) ensures the PBB can connect safely and seamlessly to the aircraft.

“At its peak capacity, iGA Istanbul Airport will be able to support 150 – 200 million passengers annually, and needs a partner who can match them every step of this journey,” said Aziz Cakir, VP Middle East & Africa, ADB SAFEGATE.

“We’ve proven our capabilities earlier with the successful setup of 35,000 intelligent lights for the airfield.

“With this contract for apron systems, we are demonstrating how the airport can benefit from our integrated approach to airport performance spanning the gate, airfield, tower and analytics.“