Ground Handling

Two year telematics trial with Menzies Aviation at LHR delivers impressive results

Asset tracking provider, Smarter Asset Management Ltd (SAM) has announced the results of a review of data collected from their partner Menzies Aviation at London Heathrow Airport. Menzies anticipates that applying the findings from the data will deliver significant ongoing savings though reduced volume of GSE held onsite and improved operational efficiencies.

The two companies have been working closely over the past three years to develop a bespoke aviation version of SAM operating software – ‘SAM G3.1 Aviation’. An intensive study of two years’ worth of data was set up in 2019 to determine whether Menzies GSE operation could potentially achieve efficiencies by re-profiling the GSE mix and volume at this station.

To ensure accuracy, the data collected from GSE over a two year period via the SAM telematics solution took into account the peaks and troughs and was challenged and reviewed by the Menzies ramp teams regularly.

The results were concluded in February and following analysis of the utilisation results, Menzies announced they would reduce the volume of GSE at LHR, removing multiple family groups of both motorised and non-motorised assets.

Then lockdown happened and GSE at many Menzies stations was ‘mothballed’ Now as the world moves slowly back to some form of operational normality SAM and Menzies are looking at the data captured on a minute by minute basis by SAM G3.1 to ensure every piece of GSE in the 12 airports currently using the SAM system get the fullest use of their assets.

Stephen Gallagher SVP GSE at Menzies Aviation said, “When every penny counts, it’s vital we get the best and most appropriate safe use of all of our GSE on a global basis. The results delivered at LHR pre-lockdown have given Menzies the confidence to continue with the SAM telematics solution and when the time is right we plan to expand its use at more Menzies stations”

In addition to the financial benefits that are being delivered to Menzies via the use of SAM G3.1, ensuring a safe operation is paramount to all concerned. Menzies has mandated that every motorised piece of GSE is fitted with a driver recognition system. This system ensures that an operator first climbs into the vehicle they must swipe the ID tag to start the equipment. The system automatically checks the operator’s identity and training credentials and, if he/she is not certified to operate that unit, the vehicle will not start. This activity, has helped to vastly improve safety on the ramp and reduce incidents of ramp rash.

Paul Holmes Managing Director SAM said “Working with Menzies over the years has enabled the SAM team to learn how a GSE operation works. We have created an analytic environment delivering positive results that are now being enjoyed by Menzies and hopefully other aviation customers in the years to come”

The SAM G3. system uses a combination of location mapping and electrical output related to ancillary equipment fitted and powered to/by some GSE. It provides opportunities to minimises revenue leakage which is sometimes a feature of operating on the apron. It can clearly be identified what GSE has been used in what roles and for which customers, thus minimising any possible doubts as to what payment for GSE (and operator) time is required from which customer.

SAM’s Generation1 telematics were first installed on Menzies’ motorised GSE back in 2016 and, since then, that system and its later versions – Gen2 and Gen3 – have evolved into what SAM and Menzies believe to be probably the most advanced aviation specific asset tracking / management system in the use today.

Planning for how further enhanced telematics data can assist Menzies is continuing. In the coming months SAM will be releasing new features which will strengthen the case to have every piece of motorised GSE plus trucks and vans used on an airport fitted with a system that:

  • Provides optimum asset utilisation
  • Reduces Revenue Loss
  • Improves Safety
  • Improves CO2 position
  • Easily connects to other IT systems