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Where Should Your Business Invest for Streamlined Warehouse Management?

Managing a warehouse – and all the people that work in it – is a big job. Streamlining operations can save you both time and money, so it’s well worth the effort to explore your options. Airside International is leading the way in improving tech for business operations. Your business can do the same with these tips on what areas of your operations to invest in and prioritize.

Automation is the Future

Automating warehouse operations is an excellent way to improve efficiency in your company. But the benefits are more than just the effect on your bottom line. Automation via machines means tasks take less time and less human oversight. In one survey, nearly 79% of businesses confirmed that they had plans to implement automation within the next three years, notes Forbes.

While you likely won’t be able to automate every function in your warehouse, the processes you can streamline may mean a reduced need for staff. But as the UC Berkeley Labor Center found,

there shouldn’t be “dramatic job loss” over the next decade. Instead, companies will be able to hire less-skilled workers and reduce training times – which can be beneficial for both employers and employees.

Safety Measures Cut Costs

Another element that’s a worthwhile business expense is a solid safety protocol for your entire warehouse. After all, when a worker gets hurt, companies pay. Worker’s compensation claims average over $41,000 per year and cover incidents like falls, workers getting caught in machines, and worse.

By implementing and sticking to strict safety protocols, you can avoid mishaps, lower worker risk, and enjoy more productive (and cost-effective) working hours. In fact, safety is a primary motivator for warehouses adopting automation as well, notes US Chamber. Even though technology implementation has sped up due to the pandemic’s impact on commerce, keeping workers protected is a priority.

Software Solutions Ease Strain

Even in the absence of automation strategies, employing software solutions can streamline your business. From accounting software that helps highlight ways to save on your business expenses to apps that track drivers’ delivery routes and gas usage, software can pinpoint areas where your organization can improve.

With the right software, you can also manage your warehouse operations from a smartphone or tablet. Instead of buying all-new devices and gadgets, your company can utilize existing tech to meet business needs. QR codes and mobile-friendly interfaces can keep your business connected and lower your costs when it comes to splurging on new equipment.

One study suggests that augmented reality (AR) utilities can minimize inventory costs while prioritizing high service levels. Exploring AR for your company could be more cost-effective than you may think.

Organization Earns a High ROI

Organizational methods make it easier to find what you need and ensure you never have out-of-date items on your shelves. Labeling things, implementing software that fits your organizational needs, and keeping things tidy means your to-do list is shorter during the workday.

Another lesser-acknowledged element of organization is your supply chain. A localized supply chain can help ensure timely restocking of goods, and it can save your company money. Seeking suppliers closer to your facility can cut transportation costs and strengthen your relationships with local vendors. Higher flexibility is another perk that comes with localized supply chain structures.

With such an intense increase in consumer demand for more expansive inventory, quicker production, faster delivery, and higher-quality products, companies are rising to the occasion. Streamlined warehouse operations are becoming more crucial for a lucrative business model, but the good news is that your company can pivot and adapt.

Need help improving your company’s technology adaptations for warehousing? Check out the Airside International podcast for the latest news and innovations across every industry.

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