Ground Handling

Widerøe Ground Handling awarded contract at Oslo Airport Gardermoen

Widerøe Ground Handling (WGH) has signed a contract with Widerøe airline for ground handling services at Oslo Airport Gardermoen (OSL).

Starting May 1st 2021, WGH will have established a division responsible for the ground service of the group’s airline at OSL.

September 28th 2020 Widerøe airline sent out a Request for proposal (RFP) on ground handling at Oslo Airport Gardermoen.

Despite the fact that both WGH and Widerøe airline is part of the same company group, Widerøe AS, it is crucial to emphasize that the contract was won on commercial terms.

“Widerøe Ground Handling is extremely happy to have won this contract,” says Kjell Ivar Maudal, CCO of WGH.

“We will start preparations immediately, so that WGH ensures that the airline and their customers will receive the service we have agreed upon, from day one”.

“Prior to the start-up date we will need to recruit employees”, Kjell Ivar Maudal says.

“We are optimistic and believes in a number of potentially skilled future employees and colleagues for hire prior to May 1st.”

WGH is now establishing OSL as a new station from May 1st 2021.

Spring of 2021 it will be almost 13 years since Widerøe Handling last operated on OSL, over the period October 8th 1998 to September 31st 2008.