Wingstars Announces the Launch of Canada’s Newest Deicing Services Provider

Wingstars Ltd. is excited to announce the launch of Canada’s newest Deicing Services provider, ‘Wingstars’. An organization dedicated to providing deicing for TODAY – A new, refreshing approach to this ‘mission-critical’ and typically Canadian aviation service that will introduce a concept of Transparency, Budget Certainty and Mutual Respect.

The official launch date for Wingstars is December 01, 2020.

Wingstars is confident that the Canadian aviation market needs and is ready for a Deicing Services Provider who takes Safety, Performance, Consistency, Transparency and the Environment very seriously.

“After months of planning, we’re thrilled to finally bring our vision to life with the official launch of our company,” said Gary D. Ogden, Managing Director of Wingstars Ltd. “Wingstars will offer its partners a unique experience in every way. Utilizing our expertise from the industry, we can improve models that have been tried and tested, enhance data sharing and lead innovation, all while ensuring peak safety practices.”

At Wingstars, sustainability is one of our core values. We realized, from the onset, that it takes a long-term perspective – focusing on anticipating future events, being agile, proactive, and adapting to changes in both the present and future. A sustainable company, in our opinion, manages its Human, natural, and financial capital to meet current needs while ensuring that adequate resources are available for future generations.

Our team is hand-picked – all aviation enthusiasts with years of aviation experience and various background and perspectives. I am proud to have a group with such wide-ranging experience working to bring Wingstars to life,” said Ogden.  “They have the same passion for the aviation industry that I do, and Wingstars and its future partners will benefit greatly from the contributions of this team.”

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