BA, Norwegian passengers left stranded in remote Canadian airport following diversions

Source: Gander Beacon.

British Airways and Norwegian Airlines passengers were both left stranded in a remote airport in Canada following diversions.

British Airways passengers flying to Gatwick from Kingston, Jamaica were left to wait on the apron of Gander International Airport for six hours following a passenger becoming ill.

The passengers were due to be sent to nearby hotels, but a diverted Norwegian Airlines aircraft meant that the rooms were in short supply.

The BA flight arrived 8am Wednesday, 24 hours after its initial scheduled arrival.

The passengers were given bedding, food and water in the airport as they waited to leave.

BA stated that they had provided for customers even though no hotel rooms were available and they had offered goodwill gestures to customers.

Gander Airport is famed for sheltering thousands of stranded passengers after the 9/11 attacks in New York City. Nearly 40 flights from all parts of the globe were diverted to the airport in Newfoundland.

A post on social media below shows the stranded passengers in the lounge.