Video Podcast

William Hallowell joins Chris Notter for an overview of inter airport 2023

Sustainable Aviation: Unravelling the Decarbonization Puzzle with Kristof Philips, TCR Group

Enhancing Airport Logistics: The Future of Baggage Handling

Powering the Future: Insights from Edward Alves, Sales Director of Sinepower

Pragmatic Solutions for Greener Airports: An Interview with Thomas Waintraub

Decoding Change Management: Insights from Stuart Maddocks

Episode 4 – Servicing and Maintenance with Lothar Holder

Episode 3 – How Safe is Electric GSE? with Lothar Holder

Episode 2 – Battery Reliability with Lothar Holder

Episode 1 – The Environmental Impact of Electric GSE with Lothar Holder

EPS 321: Wired for Change: XYZ Dynamics and the Electric Future of Transportation

EPS 5: Raising the Standards: Women in Aviation, Safety and Compliance with Nikki Ozols

EPS 4: The Skies Know No Limits: Dr. Harpreet A De Singh and Women in Aviation

EPS 3: Clear Skies Ahead: A Conversation with Aviation Expert Teresa Wojtanka

EPS 2: Women in Aviation: Peggy Croes Trailblazing Career