Beijing new airport appoints lead architectural firm to develop commercial terminal

Beijing’s new Daxing International Airport now has a lead architect to lead development on its commercial terminal.

Lead 8 has been appointed Lead Designer for Beijing’s planned Daxing International Airport by the operator, China Resources Land, of the new commercial terminal.

Daxing International Airport terminal will aim to become the world’s largest airport next year, after undergoing a fast-tracked construction schedule.

As part of a new “air transport-related economic zone”, the project brief calls for the purposeful design of a new generation of workspaces, with integrated retail, dining and entertainment offerings.

Daxing International Airport will create a new commercial environment for aviation companies, as well as catering to the needs of the 100 million travelers expected to pass through annually.

Photo: An interior rendering of Lead 8’s anticipated development of the commercial terminal.  

Lead 8 was awarded the project based on their ‘innovative design strategy’ on hybrid workspaces, and a proven track-record in aviation designs, the firm stated in a press release.

Under the challenging site conditions, Lead 8 adopted a creative and inspiring approach in handling of the spaces, while working in collaboration with the operators.

“The new aeropolis is a glimpse into the shape of the cities of the future. Our future workspaces are being influenced by the changing lifestyles of a new generation, as work, entertainment and hospitality blurs the boundaries to create new opportunities,” said Simon Chua, Co Founder & Executive Director at Lead 8.

“We hope this scheme will inspire future airport developments, as there is a growing demand for quality workspaces with integrated natural environments, particularly in Beijing,” Chua added.