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Boschung signs an agreement with Safran to integrate aircraft braking data into ATLAS

To complement the benefits of the Automated Take-off and Landing Assessment System (ATLAS), Boschung signed an agreement with the Safran group

Safran, world renowned supplier of the aeronautical industry, will provide its solution Runwaiz as an integrated module of ATLAS. Runwaiz is the result of a Safran internal entrepreneurship program that aims at using aircraft braking data – whatever the aircraft manufacturer, model and type – for optimizing the assessment of runway conditions. Using the aircraft as a sensor, the friction coefficient can be retrieved in the most practical and consistent way, so that it can be displayed on ATLAS visualization of the Global Reporting Format parameters.

“ATLAS is already a very competitive system to fulfill ICAO’s requirements for global reporting. Indeed, with ATLAS airports get the assessment of contaminant type, depth and coverage 24/7, without runway closure. By adding the information from aircraft braking actions into our solution, we will strengthen even more the reliability of the Runway Condition Code provided by ATLAS. We are very delighted to have found a trustworthy partner like Safran to cooperate with us in this advanced project for increased safety on runways!” says Filipe Lourenço, CEO

Boschung Mecatronic.

“The aircraft itself is the best sensor to measure operational, factual and reliable runway friction coefficient. The ability to control what is happening in real time is a real competitive advantage! Joining our strength with Boschung we provide the most relevant and complete solution for runway conditions assessment in order to optimize airport operations.“ underlines Céline Colonna-Ceccaldi, CEO Safran Runwaiz