Christchurch Airport pledge to have 100% electric vehicle fleet by 2030

Christchurch Airport in New Zealand has committed to transitioning its complete vehicle fleet to electric by 2030% following in the steps of London Heathrow and Air New Zealand.

The Climate Group’s EV100 initiative is what has propelled the airport to make the decision.

“With 6.5 million people visiting the terminal every year, Christchurch Airport has an opportunity to make electric vehicles a more familiar sight in New Zealand, while demonstrating to airports around the world how it’s done,” said Helen Clarkson, CEO, The Climate Group.

Malcolm Johns, Chief Executive, Christchurch Airport, said, “We are continually looking at our operations and challenging ourselves to become greener. Energy use is a key focus for us, we have cut the terminal’s energy use by 20% since 2013.

With the transport sector the fastest-growing contributor to climate change, transitioning our vehicle fleet to electric is a sensible next step.”

He continued, “The South Island has a unique and spectacular environment and we all need to do our bit to preserve it for future generations. Our team is delighted to be part of EV100 and takes great pride in doing what we can to look after our place in the world.”