Frankfurt Airport evacuated after individuals escape past security

Source: Twitter/@jimenezroy.

A section of Frankfurt Airport had to be evacuated today after at least one person evaded staff and got past security before vanishing.

Boarding at Terminal 1 at the airport was stopped by police after it was discovered at least one person managed to get through security without authorisation.

Police officers were seen searching the terminal after a man was seen to get through security with a child before disappearing from view.

The German federal police confirmed that they are searching the area after the man and child were last seen making their way through security.

In a social media post below, it was confirmed that police were searching part of the airport.

Scenes at the airport showed large crowds of passengers gathering after they were instructed to leave the area being searched by police.

It is anticipated that the incident will cause several delays, although it is not known how many passengers will be affected.