Gatwick Airport sees instillation of self-service baggage facilities

Leading provider of airport baggage solutions, IT and services, Siemens Postal, Parcel & Airport Logistics has completed the installation of new self-service bag-drop facilities at Gatwick Airport’s North Terminal and South Terminal.

The two projects included the supply and installation of replacement hardware, new conveyors and new software with integrated commissioning and extensive acceptance testing at both sites.

In the North Terminal, four new self-service bag-drop units together with new controls and conveyors have been integrated with mechanical check-in desks to offer Virgin Atlantic passengers a choice to check-in.

At the South Terminal, all remaining mechanical check-in desks in Zone C have been replaced with eight new self-service bag-drop units, new conveyors and updated software.

The airline already deploys self-service bag-drops at Gatwick and elsewhere and due to their success awarded the contract to upgrade the equipment to Siemens in February 2018. The project was completed and operational in July 2018.

According to Claire Kennedy, Project Manager, Terminal Programme at London Gatwick, both projects are critical to the airport’s long-term strategy and operational performance of its valued customer airlines.

“It’s a joy working with contractors that are like minded and flexible. Focused on working together to deliver as safely, quickly and cost efficiently as possible, with no compromise on the quality of work.”