Ground Handling

HLT aims to simplify ground handling with new tech partnership

By Edward Robertson

Ground handling agents could find their jobs a little easier thanks to a new partnership between Hermes Logistics Technologies (HLT) and connected cargo community specialist Nallian.

Following the deal, HLT, which provides cargo management systems, will now be able to digitalise and streamline its entire landside management processes.

Benefits will include a slot booking app connecting handlers, freight forwarders and trucking companies to coordinate pick-ups and drop-offs while a new mobile acceptance and delivery app will give truck drivers easy access to the slots assigned to them.

HLT CEO Yuval Baruch said: “We are empowering the ground handler by joining our ecosystems together to give them better control and increased efficiency through better customer experience and superior functionality.

“Nallian’s complementary offering leant itself to a partnership with Hermes and our collaboration will ensure a best-in-breed process with the technology to work for our customers.”

Nallian CEO Jean Verheyen added: “Our collaboration will help ground handlers to enjoy the benefits of digitisation in their extended processes, enabling them to do more with the same infrastructure.

“Our apps have been built with and for air cargo stakeholders and this collaboration perfectly fits Nallian’s open approach, which aims at giving as many cargo actors as possible access to best-in-class solutions and the benefits of digitisation.”