Incheon Airport to host regular concerns in newly renovated hall

Incheon International Airport is planning to show regular concerts of various genres in Millennium Hall in Terminal 1 in November after its spectacular makeover with an unveiled mega media tower and a newly designed stage.

Terminal 1 in Incheon International Airport presents things to see and enjoy for Airport visitors by showing new performances every month under its slogan “Culture touch the sky”.

The regular concerts to be held in November are planned to present passionate performances including popera represented by a beautiful harmony of voices, Korean fusion classical music which is a combination of the charms of the East and the West, and electronic string music mixed with powerful performances that would make you forget about the chilly weather.

The November regular concerts prepared by Incheon Airport will be held three times a day from November 16 to 30 at 3:30 PM, 4:30 PM, and 5:30 PM in Millennium Hall on the first floor at Terminal 1 in Incheon International Airport. You can find detailed information about the concerts on the Incheon Airport Culture-port website (