Spring 2022

Vienna Airport benefits from Dynell technology

Michael Brandstoetter proudly shows off Dynell’s innovative DIM technology

Stefan Hammerl, project manager airside infrastructure and facilities at Vienna International Airport, offers his thoughts on the value of Dynell’s static converters and plugs.
Vienna operates Dynell 90kVA, 400Hz static converters and 400Hz plugs for supplying power to aircraft on stands at the airport. The various Dynell units were acquired last year and Vienna has been happy with both their performance and reliability, Hammerl reports.
“The products are well designed and have good power efficiency. Due to their modular construction, individual parts can be easily changed and in the event of a partial failure, the system still operates with less than maximum power.”
Plus, the customer support provided by Dynell has also been “fast and professional”, he says.
“We think that Dynell products will play an important role in the future” at Vienna, Hammerl confirms.