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JetBlue plane swarmed on apron of JFK after hijacking fear

A JetBlue aircraft was swarmed by authorities earlier this week on the apron of JFK airport after a communications error led to fear that the plane had been hijacked.

The plane, due to take off from New York City’s JFK airport and land in Los Angeles experienced a radio problem while taxiing pre-departure which led air traffic control to lose contact with the pilot, TIME reported.

The aircraft transmitted a code signifying a security threat on board, leading the authorities to arrive at the plane on the airside of the airport.

Passengers were told by SWAT officers to hold up their hands and put away their phones as some of them told CBS LA that they were “ready to die”.

JetBlue stated to TIME that the radio issue led to miscommunication between the crew and air traffic control and a false alarm was sent to the tower.