JFK airport to undergo $13bn major transformation, according to governor

Source: Curbed NY.

A major transformation of New York’s John F. Kennedy Airport costing $13bn has been announced by New York’s governor Andrew Cuomo.

Last Thursday, as reported by state media, the governor plans to build two new terminals and two new roads to better improve vehicle access to the airport. The politician also announced an expansion of the JFK airtrain service.

Cuomo stated that the programme to rebuild JFK airport is part of a $13bn plan that aims to be complete by 2025.

The state media report, by CBC local, reported that construction on the project is due to begin by 2020.

“This record investment — including $12 billion in private funding — advances the Governor’s vision for a unified and interconnected airport system with best-in-class passenger amenities, centralized ground transportation options and vastly improved roadways that collectively will increase the airport’s capacity by at least 15 million passengers a year,” the governor’s office stated.