Materna enters into Indian airports market

Materna is expanding its international business by entering the market of Indian airports with its self bag drop solutions.

The company noted: “In the course of their current and planned activities on the Indian market, Materna has founded a company in India.

Since April 2018, Materna Information & Communications India Pvt. Ltd. has had its headquarters in Bangalore, the capital of the Indian state of Karnataka.

Having their own company here puts Materna in an optimal position to act independently and to serve the country-specific requirements on the Indian market covering everything from concept design and installation to maintenance of hardware and software.”

With Shibu Mathews heading the company here, Materna said it has got a very experienced manager on board to accompany the projects in India and to build up the company’s expertise.

“India’s airports are being confronted with growth of up to 25 percent right now and have expansion plans to match. However, above all, they have to make the best possible use of their existing infrastructure as extensions and new buildings take too long.

The self-service project at Airport Bengaluru, one of the most modern and attractive airports in India, is the first of its kind in the whole of India.

We look forward immensely to improving the passenger experience and to mastering the challenges in this exciting growth market with established solutions together with our customers”, Shibu Mathews explains.