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Ryanair CEO suggests moving jobs to Poland due to ongoing strikes

Ryanair CEO, Micheal O’Leary, has announced that the airline will consider moving jobs to Poland rather than the UK as it faces a string of strikes.

Multiple air crews in Europe have taken industrial action against the budget carrier, based in The Republic of Ireland, which the airline has failed to avoid after numerous failed labour agreements.

On Monday, Ryanair pilots in Germany voted to strike again the carrier, adding another action to the repertoire.

As reported by The Gaurdian in the UK, O’Leary stated that the airline is the “ultimate opportunist airline” and will cut jobs in any market if it is necessary.

The CEO went on to state that the airline has around 20 markets in need of further aircraft and they are struggling to meet high demand.

O’Leary continued to say that if strikes continue to affect the Irish market, as the CEO believes they are, the airline will pull out jobs in order to meet the demand elsewhere in Europe, such as Poland.

In order to resolve labour disagreements, O’Leary contended that ‘common sense’ on both sides should be utilised.