Salvador Bahia Airport revamp reaches first phase milestone

The expansion works at Salvador Bahia airport have reached 85 per cent completion with less than 100 days to go until the project’s target date.

The Brazilian airport, operated by Vinci Airports since 2017 after the French company signed a concession agreement, began the expansion and modernisation project in April last year, and is set under the concession agreement to finish by 31 October 2019.

“The works being carried out illustrate VINCI Airports’ commitment to positively impact Salvador’s and overall Bahia’s economic, touristic and social development,” said Vinci Airports in a statement.

“These will also optimize operations, bring more comfort and improve passengers’ experience.”

The 31 October deadline signifies the end of the first phase of the project, encompassing 90 per cent of the scope and including the expansion of the passenger terminal, the construction of a new pier, the installation of a new baggage handling and new client services.

The remainder of the project, being carried out by a subsidiary of Vinci Énergies, Actemium, will be completed during a phase two that is set to be completed by 31 October 2021.

The airport has also gone beyond its contractual obligations by ensuring environmental issues are central to its expansion, with plans to construct a solar plant, implement a new solid waste plant and reuse water system or install LED relamping in all newly renovated areas.