Sky Bridge Opens to Offer New Airport Experience with Stunning View

Starting today passengers can conveniently travel between Terminal 1 (T1) and T1 Satellite Concourse (T1S) at Hong Kong International Airport (HKIA) via Sky Bridge, a new 200m-long and 28m-high footbridge equipped with escalators and automated walkway.

Spanning a taxiway at the airport, Sky Bridge is the world’s longest airside bridge that allows the largest passenger aircraft code F, i.e. A380, to pass under it.

With the exterior glazing and glass floor installed on the bridge, passengers can enjoy the extraordinary experience of an aircraft passing beneath their feet.

With the unique panoramic view across the airport, Sky Bridge offers the highest view point of the airport for passengers. An observation deck, a catering outlet and a shop on the Sky Bridge will open in phases.

Ricky Leung, Executive Director of Engineering & Technology, Airport Authority Hong Kong said, “Sky Bridge is aspired to be the iconic feature at HKIA.

“It offers passengers a spectacular view of the entire airport with the nearby landscape as the backdrop.

“Passengers have a brand new spot for snap shots before they go on with their journey.

“Sky Bridge is a part of our efforts in renewing and enhancing passenger experience at HKIA.

“Together with other upgraded airport facilities, we look forward to welcoming passengers from around the world.”

Before the commencement of Sky Bridge, passenger had to take shuttle bus to and from T1S for boarding and disembarkation.