SSP Group expands bakery portfolio at Frankfurt Airport’s

SSP Group PLC is adding two food and beverage stores to its portfolio at Frankfurt Airport’s self-service bakery—BackWerk and the French-inspired bakery chain Le Crobag. 

Le Crobag takes advantage of its unique positioning at the airport. Its new 33 square metre unit comprises a comfortable seating area, reflecting traditional French bistro style and provides a perfect setting to enjoy a coffee and classic French baked goods and pastries.

SSP’s latest store at Frankfurt Airport measures 145 square metres in size and can now seat up to 30 people.

Jan Kamp, director for business development and properties at SSP Germany, said: “The brand mix we proposed for this initiative was precisely tailored for the specific needs of all relevant customer groups at the airport. We will enhance the new units with a stronger takeaway focus and high-level service.”

The two store openings form part of a successful tender by SSP to run nine bakery and snack outlets at Frankfurt Airport. In addition to BackWerk and Le Crobag, SSP operates Brezelbäckerei Ditsch, Kamps Backstube, Perfect Day Micro, Wiener Feinbäcker Heberer and Heberer’s Traditional Bakery units.

David Huschidarian, head of business development at Le Crobag, said: “Commuters as well as long-distance passengers can now treat themselves to oven-fresh, original French croissants and baguette specialties for their journey.”

BackWerk opens daily in the Frankfurt Airport arrivals hall in Terminal 1, Area C, while Le Crobag Store is located landside between the terminals and train station.