Swedavia promotes sustainable business travel through the annual public tender of sustainable aviation fuel

The airport operator Swedavia continues to contribute to the aviation industry’s climate transition through the annual public tender of sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) that Swedavia organizes with the aim of promoting sustainable business travel.

The public tender makes it possible for Swedavia but also for other companies and organizations to reduce the climate footprint of their business trips, as sustainable aviation fuel has the potential to reduce lifecycle carbon dioxide emissions on average by up to 80% compared to the regular jet fuel it replaces.

The 2023 public tender will begin in January and Swedavia is now welcoming more organizations to participate.

Since 2016, Swedavia has carried out an annual public tender for sustainable aviation fuel (SAF), to reduce the lifecycle climate emissions with respect to all of the company’s own business trips.

Within the framework of the public tender initiative, other organizations and companies are also offered to participate.

Last year and for the third year running, in addition to Swedavia, a number of organizations and companies participated, such as the national emergency services provider SOS Alarm and the Gotland County Administration, and also the Port of Gothenburg.

“We can all contribute to sustainable travel, both as individuals and through our workplace – this applies to companies, organizations and authorities,” says Lena Wennberg, chief sustainable development officer at Swedavia.

“Our public tender reduces the lifecycle emissions with respect to the individual business trip, but also contributes to increasing demand for the production of biofuel, which is necessary for aviation’s climate transition.”

Through the public tender, nearly 170 tonnes of fossil-free sustainable aviation fuel were refueled in 2022, the majority of which were used by Swedavia.

The fuel corresponds to roughly 3 000 round-trip passenger flights between Stockholm and Berlin and an estimated emission reduction of roughly 500 tons of carbon dioxide compared to regular jet fuel.

The majority of the sustainable aviation fuel was refueled at Stockholm Arlanda Airport between December 25 and December 29.

“It is very gratifying that our partners choose to fly more sustainably for their business trips by participating in our public tender of sustainable aviation fuel”, says Lena Wennberg at Swedavia.

“In this way, we all contribute to more sustainable travel and the transition to a fossil-free aviation sector in the future, which should be a natural part of the sustainable transport and transport system of the future. Our goal is of course for even more organizations to participate. I therefore want to take the opportunity to welcome more participants to this year’s public tender, which will start in the next few weeks.”

The 2023 public tender will begin in January, with the opportunity for more organizations to participate and contribute to the transition by flying more sustainably in their business trips.