Swissport Subsidiary, QAS, Deploys Tri-Logical’s BodyGuard

Tri-Logical Technologies, leading providers of mobile asset management solutions for airports, today announced that QAS (Quality Airport Services), a subsidiary of Swissport International and Knafaim Israel, is deploying Tri-Logical’s BodyGuard Aircraft Damage Prevention System on its 10-year-old Ambulift fleet to prevent damage to aircraft by ground service equipment (GSE) at Ben Gurion International Airport.

QAS provides a wide range of services in the field of ground services at Israeli airports. It recently passed an ISAGO audit in which BodyGuard’s deployment played a crucial role in providing a full No Touch solution for its fleet. By preventing GSE touches, accidents and accurately reporting near miss incidents, the system strengthens safety protocol and enhances operational efficiency.

BodyGuard retrofits older GSE models fully into the digital age. By adding years of life to their usage while also negating the need to invest in new, expensive equipment, the system is an ideal solution to meet ISAGO and IATA standards. Deployable on all GSE models and makes, the system’s advanced sensors and telemetry safely coordinate a GSE’s approach to aircraft. With slow down speed control, stop procedures, and visual and audible alerts as extra tools to ensure a safe approach, the system automatically reports accidents and near incidents, thus eliminating unreported issues to operation headquarters and safety officers.

According to Moshe Glam, GSE manager at QAS, “After deploying BodyGuard, QAS’ GSE fleet now meets new No Touch standards. BodyGuard’s implementation shows we are ready for the future by providing safer services to our customers and becomes advantageous as a selling point to potential clients seeking safer and smarter GSE partners. Tri-Logical has created a system that proves itself economically and operationally.”    

BodyGuard’s success is a testament to the inventiveness of our engineers to meet the growing needs of ground services providers for safer operations,” stated Michael Bar-On, VP Product and Marketing at Tri-Logical.

Today, the advent of new composite materials in aircraft makes it even more compelling to have higher safety standards on the ground. It makes more sense to invest in preventative solutions, like BodyGuard, to eliminate costly accidents, improve services to customers, and save on insurance payments. Tri-Logical makes it possible to retrofit an entire GSE fleet with anti-collision kits and be fully compliant with IATA and ISAGO standards.”

BodyGuard has CE certification and received Operational Risk Assessment Certification. The system’s remote access and diagnostic modules capture data related to human factors that facilitate incident analysis and improve operators’ learning curves. It provides a single, harmonized fleet-wide system and easily integrates into existing management systems.