TREPEL joins forces with Goodyear to create new tyre monitoring system

Airport equipment manufacturer TREPEL has teamed up with tyre manufacturer Goodyear to develop its CHARGER 380 tractor.

TREPEL staff had been concerned about avoiding punctures or other tyre issues on the towing tractor as it undertook long-distance toeing between terminals and remote positions.

As a result, they turned to Goodyear Proactive Solutions which was able to integrate its heavy-duty version of its Tyre Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS) into the tractor’s dashboard as opposed to its normal use via an app or a web platform.

The change means the driver of the tractor can monitor tyre pressures and temperatures through its use and will be quickly alerted to any issues.

A further advantage of the TPMS is the time it saves during inspection routines and operations and when planning maintenance.

TREPEL research and development manager David Bellavance said: “We developed the CHARGER 380 as the most advanced, high power and versatile tractor. Our customers prioritise the safety of passengers and want to reduce the time pressure and complexity in the daily operations.

“We worked with Goodyear to create a ‘plug and play’ solution. Our CHARGER 380 dashboard has hardwiring to enable Goodyear TPMS data integration. This connected Goodyear technology adds to our range of state-of-the-art electronics.

“TREPEL has already included high levels of connectivity to provide precision when manoeuvring and the addition of TPMS is a perfect complement to our own safety, logistics and operational electronic technology.

Goodyear Proactive Solutions product manager off-the-road EMEA Eric Ghirelli added: “The TREPEL CHARGER 380 is massively versatile, being able to haul large aircraft such as the Boeing 777 or Airbus A340-600.

“Its high torque and weight capacity bring additional challenges on the tyre front. The required level of high load capability, coupled with the risk of wear on abrasive taxiways, mean that tyre pressure is key. Especially, the inner tyres are difficult to check visually, so the incorporated Goodyear TPMS gives added peace of mind to the driver and airport operations team.”