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UK: Drunk passengers can face fines up to £80,000

In a new campaign to stamp out drunken behavior on-board aircraft that can lead to disruptions and diversions, the UK government is backing a campaign that could see fines of up to £80,000 levied on offending passengers.

Ministers in the UK government has backed a campaign in the industry to tackle alcohol drinking’s effect on aviation, which the government believe will only get worse.

The ministers are blaming duty free sales and early morning bar openings, according to a report by The Guardian.

The campaign – entitled One Too Many – aims to highlight the problems of drunken behavior on aircraft. It was launched by the UK’s aviation minister, Lady Sugg last week.

The campaign reminds passengers that drunken offences on planes can cause them to be banned from future flights, be levied with substantial fines and even lead to two years in prison.

As reported in The Guardian, the aviation minister commented: “Disruptive passengers have the potential to ruin other people’s flights, and this campaign is an important new step to ensure all passengers are aware of the consequences they face if they behave disruptively after drinking before or on board a flight”.