Vinci Airports purchases a controlling stake in London Gatwick

London Gatwick announced a change in its ownership today, as VINCI Airports finalised the purchase of a 50.01 per cent stake in the airport. The remaining 49.99 per cent will continue to be managed by Global Infrastructure Partners (GIP).

The leading private airport operator in the world, VINCI Airports manages the development and operation of 46 airports in 12 countries – allowing Gatwick teams access to a wider range of opportunities in international career development and in-house training.

As the world’s most efficient single runway airport, Gatwick will also share best practice with VINCI Airports, to enable it to pursue its operational improvement strategy.

“This partnership marks the beginning of a very exciting future for London Gatwick and Vinci Airports,” said Nicolas Notebaert, chief executive of Vinci Concessions and president of Vinci Airports.

“Applying our joint skills will add significant value to both Vinci Airports and London Gatwick Airport and benefit all our stakeholders, notably airlines and passengers.”

Sir David Higgins, Stewart Wingate and Nick Dunn will remain respectively Chairman, CEO and CFO of the airport, and will be joined by Cédric Laurier, from VINCI Airports, as CTO (Chief Technical Officer).

The airport’s ambitious plans for the future remain, with a further £1.1 billion Capital Investment Programme (CIP) set to deliver a range of passenger improvements by 2023.