Waev Launches the Taylor-Dunn Bigfoot S: An All-New Compact Burden Carrier

The silent workhorse that has proliferated in commercial and industrial operations now has a little brother.

Today, Waev Inc. introduces the Bigfoot S, an all-new, compact, and more agile burden carrier from Taylor-Dunn.

Designed for customers who need big towing and payload in tighter facility spaces or desire to have better freight density, the Bigfoot S expands the dynamic line-up of Bigfoot burden carriers with a more cost-effective, all-electric offering available now.

Engineered with the DNA Bigfoot vehicles are known for, the Bigfoot S boasts the same all-steel construction resulting in superior durability, versatility and safety features in the lineup’s most compact footprint, measuring 12 inches shorter than the standard Bigfoot.

With a payload of up to 2,000 lbs. and a towing capacity of up to 5,000 lbs., the Bigfoot S can haul 21 bags of 94-lb.

cement and tow a full-size car – more than an average pickup truck at a fraction of the price and size, and with the ability to electrify without the wait.

“Bigfoot has become the unsung hero in industrial and commercial operations across the world,” said Luke Mulvaney, senior vice president and chief revenue officer of Waev.

“And with its uncompromised towing capabilities and customer versatility it’s easy to see why.”

“Not all customers need the extensive payload capacity of the Bigfoot or Bigfoot XL, and that’s where the Bigfoot S comes in.

“The small but mighty model increases operation inclusivity by offering our lighter application customers all they need, without paying for capacity they don’t.”

In comparison with the Bigfoot, the new compact model has a wheelbase that is 19 percent shorter (50 inches), an overall length that is 9 percent shorter (118.5 inches), and a turning radius that is 16 percent shorter (115-inch radius).

That tight turning radius is also 9.5 percent shorter than the competition, allowing the small-scale Bigfoot S to further increase agility – providing safe and efficient turning capabilities in even tighter aisles and pathways.

A max speed of 11 miles per hour meets jobsite compliance, while helping to safeguard employees around busy operations.

The Bigfoot S also provides the same superior comfort that customers have come to expect out of the Bigfoot lineup with ergonomic bucket seats, rack and pinion steering and a large operator compartment.

A 6 hp motor provides customers the power necessary to haul lighter loads easily and efficiently without overpowering the vehicle.

And a 36-volt battery configuration and range of 40-50 miles ensures operation productivity and efficiency is never sacrificed.

Additionally, the Bigfoot S eliminates unnecessary battery wear and tear and extends vehicle longevity with a new battery disconnect feature that cuts of power after 10 minutes of inactivity.

The Bigfoot Difference

  • Bigfoot S: Compact footprint with sharper turning for tighter spaces and increased freight density
  • Bigfoot: The flagship Bigfoot burden carrier and most popular model designed for the widest range of applications and operating environments
  • Bigfoot XL: Maximum towing for larger operations and payloads